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Powerful Financial Spell (Pooja Prayers)
Powerful Financial Spell (Pooja Prayers)
22nd May 2018

Thank you so much for the career spell & the bonus wealth spell. You were very thorough and I appreciaye all the time you put into explaining my personal birth chart. I can't wait until things start turning around financially for me!
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Advices, Answers to all your pending problems! Uncover your Talents, Be Healed and Guided to the right path.

Astrology Predictions on India,US and china

Manifold observations and predictions for India, US, China INDIA In Indian parliamentary elections, Narendra Modi’s coalition will win and Modi will return as prime minister. His financial reforms (like demonetization) were a disaster and caused a huge inconvenience to regular people and he is very vulnerable. But opposition is split and has no charismatic and

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Is Astrology True?

On our previous blog post, we touched on the importance of a good astrologer and narrowing the purpose of Astrology. But people will ask, Is Astrology Really True? Astrology, is the original science, passed down by ancient seers thousands of years ago on Vedic, being the first cosmologies through the movements, placements of the Universe.

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How Can Astrology Help Us

According to the ancient seers then, it was told that time possess a rhythm, it is not a uniform line, it is like a river of life. The movement of the planets determines  the nature right to the different phases of our lives. It directs the forces within our lives. Like Moon, orbits around the

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