Saturn Sadesati effects and remedies

About Saturn

Saturn is the outer most planet in astrology. It is the slowest moving planet among all. It teaches us disciplines and lessons of life. It is said to be the oldest one. It is there to make us better individuals, filtering the negative forces to leave us with refined personalities.

Saturn transits a zodiac sign in almost 2.5 years and take 30 years to complete one cycle. Saturn is a natural malefic planet, it represents a lot of things but mainly he is the significator of delays, suffering, pains and sorrows, because he indicates previous or past life karma and gives results of according to that.

That’s why we say the house where Saturn is or where it aspects, we mostly suffer from there due to results of previous karmic balance. Because you have a karmic deeds left that is the reason the soul get a body and only by suffering it can be cut.

What is Sade sati?

The seven and half year long period of transiting Saturn in a native’s life is said to be Sade sati. Sade sati starts when Saturn transits in the 12th house from the natal Moon in a natives birth chart. When Saturn transit in 12th house then it is said to be the first part, when it transit over the natal Moon then it is said to be the second part of sade sati and when it transit in the 2nd house from the natal Moon then the native is said to be in the last part of sade sati.

Generally on an average a native face two Sade sati in his/her life. Third sade sati is destined to the one who is here to live a long life, because each sade sati comes after a long interval of 30 years as Saturn transit all the  zodiacs and again comes in the 12th house from your natal Moon.

General results of Sade sati

Whatever deeds you have done in the past whether it’s good or bad with respect to a particular disciplines in life with the dedication and commitment that are going to flourish in your Sade sati period. Whatever you neglect and try to cheat, that thing will go away from you.

Let discuss this with an example, if a native was completely dedicated and committed towards his love life and suddenly he starts giving trouble to the partner and she fell sorrow and left. Then he is definitely going to get troubled mentally in any other way.

On the other hand he is truly dedicated towards his career and in this Sade sati period his hard work will flourish and he will get a reputed job or a business. So these are the deeds he will have to suffer during this period. In a very simple way in whatever aspect you are not dedicated and committed in your life, that aspect or responsibility you are going to lose in your Sade sati period.

Whatever your deeds are in the past you will feel the pressure of it. Whatever you lose in Sade sati will lose it for lifetime and on the other hand whatever you will achieve will be there with you the whole life. Hard work is the only key to success and hard worker people are the only one who enjoys their Sade sati because this is the time for the fruits of you deeds. 

Saturn is a planet of karma and teaches us the lessons of life. What you do is what you get. It is said that this is the time you get fruits of you deeds whether it its good or bad. On the first phase of Sade sati what hard work and good deeds you do will revert back to you in the rest five and half years.

Sade sati is the only window of free will, do work hard and achieve the success during this period. Mostly in the first part of Sade sati natives have a transfer of place whether for a job or change of house is possible.  

Some remedies that give relieve during your Sade sati

During Sade sati remedies can be done to reduce the ill and bad effect of Sade sati. Remedies should be done with an attitude of humbleness and asking forgiveness.

  • Chanting Dashrath krit shani stotra is best as it was introduced by king Dashrath (father of lord Rama) to please lord Shani (Saturn) when whole Ajodhya was under the bad influence of Shani dev.
  • Feeding crows, offering them roti, bread etc. are beneficial as they are said to be vehicle of Lord Shani Dev.
  • Pour mustard oil with black sesame seeds on Shani Dev idol in a Shani temple on every Saturday evening, (after sunset)
  • Maintain a disciplined life, do hard work with all dedication and be loyal towards your work.
  • Shani Dev represents handicap, blind, old and poor people. So help them by donating those things like food, clothes (black colored) and all the needy thing which you think they want in their life to survive.
  • Apply sesame or mustard oil on all the joints and do massage of these joints on Saturday.
  • Avoid things like non-veg and liquor especially during these seven and half years.
  • Chanting and worshiping Lord Hanuman is very helpful during this period to sustain as Shani Dev promised Lord Hanuman ji not to trouble his devotees.
  • Shani Dev is appeased with hard work, if you do it especially during Sade sati then you will rise fast in life.

Story of King Vikramaditya and Sade Sati

Once upon a time a dispute broke out between all the nav grahas (nine planets) that who is the best among us? When they failed to make decision, then all went to lord Indra to sort out this issue. Lord Indra got nervous and decided not to make his own decision on this matter. He suggested that at this time on the earth the king of Ujjain Raja Vikramaditya is the only best and the fair one, he will do justice to all.

 All the planets arrived at King Vikramaditya’s palace and told him all the disputes they have and to take a right decision. The King got mentally stressed because he knew that to whoever he decide not to be the best one will definitely enraged. Then the King thought of a solution. He made nine different throne of nine elements like gold, silver, bronze, brass, lead, dyed, zinc, talc and iron and put them in the same sequence. Then he requested them all to take a seat on their throne. The one who will sit in last throne will be the smallest one among all and humiliated.

Shani Dev got delayed and placed over the iron throne so he was said to be the smallest one among all. He thought that the King has done this intentionally. He became angry and told the King, ‘you don’t know me, you don’t know my power. Sun remains in one sign for one month, Moon remains for quarter past two days, Mars remains for forty five days, Mercury remains for twenty eight days, Jupiter remains for thirteen months, Venus remains for twenty eight days and I am the slowest among all I remain for two and half years to seven and half years, I have destroyed the great ones, who are you? When Lord Rama gone through his Sade sati he went into exile, when Ravan gone through Sade sati his lanka was destroyed by the monkey army. Now you must be alert’.

 Saying this shani Dev left the palace. Other planets also left the palace very happily. And the time flies and here comes the Sade sati of King Vikramaditya. Shani Dev reach there as a horse dealer. He have many wonderful horses with him. Listening this news King send his minister to buy those horses. He bought many horses and from those horses he gave the best one to the King Vikramaditya. As the King sat on it, the horse galloped towards the forest.

And the horse disappeared after reaching the dense forest. The king was wandering in the forest with the hunger and thirst. There he met one shepherd who offered him water. The king was very pleased with him and gave his gold ring to him. Then the king departed towards the town hiding his personality to everyone and behaved like a normal person. There he took water at an owner’s shop and rested for a while.

And luckily that day the owner had big sale on his shop. The owner was happy and took the king with him to his house for a dinner. There he saw a necklace hanging on the floor, and that floor is swallowing that necklace. After some time the whole necklace disappeared. When the owner came he saw that the necklace was not there, then he thought that the King would have been stolen it.

The owner caught the King to the police. The king’s condition was becoming pathetic day by day due to Shani Dev’s wrath.  Then the king was declared a thief in the whole town and had his hands and feet amputated and thrown away from the town. On a one fine day an oilman was passing on his bullock cart and he saw the King there and he felt pity and seated the king in his cart.

Till that time Sade sati of the King Vikramaditya was over and it was the monsoon season and the king started singing songs of the monsoon. At the time the Queen of that town was fascinated by his voice and she pledged that she will only marry that guy otherwise she will remain unmarried for the whole life. She send her maid to find that guy (king).

The maid return back and told to the Queen that he is very poor and lost everything in his life. After knowing all these things yet the queen wanted to marry him. In front of daughter’s instance the King (her father) send proposal to the King Vikramaditya for the marriage. Then they both got married. One day Shani Dev came into the king’s dream and said ‘listen king, now you got to know how you suffered in life, annoying and insulting me in front of all’. Then the King felt guilty and apologized and prayed to Shani Dev ‘oh! Lord never give such a troubled life to anyone in this world’.

Then Shani Dev got agreed and said whoever will listen to my stories and do fasting, will recite me and serve flour to ants will fulfill all his desires’. And returned his hands and feet to the king. When in the morning the Queen saw the King she remain surprised. Then the king told all the story to her that he is the King of Ujjain Vikramaditya and how he faced all the worst situations in his life till now. When the shop owner got to know about this incident he felt guilty and ask the King to forgive. The King said it was all the worst effect of Lord Shani Dev, nothing much. Then the Owner said my sins will be washed out when you will come at my place for a dinner.

 Then the King agreed and they have a dinner and the owner served well to the King with many types of Food items. Then the owner offered marriage proposal to the king for his daughter. And the King agreed. Then king went back to his palace with his both the Queens and the whole Ujjain town was so happy with the return of the King. Everyone in the town was enjoying the happy moments of the life. Then the King announced that he was a fool to misbehave with shani Dev and insulted him, but shani Dev is the most important God.

From that moment Shani Dev’s worship started becoming regular in everyone’s routine. Those who listen or read this story of shani Dev become very happy. And one should listen it specially on the occasion of fasting.