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Birth Time Rectification
Birth Time Rectification
22nd November 2019

Birth Time Rectification is the core & foundation for those who desire... View

Well, it's just a matter of 7 minutes time difference between my birth time as per birth records and the time given by Yogesh ji as per birth time rectification report. But the lagna kundali changes in 7 minutes and most aspects according to the changed kundali match significantly more. Hats off Sir!
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Advices, Answers to all your pending problems! Uncover your Talents, Be Healed and Guided to the right path.

Some tips to walk on the beautiful and right path of life

Human life is very rare. We have achieved this human birth under the influence of manyvirtues. How many animals are there in this world, animals, birds, cows, goats. They do not have the power of knowledge. They are deprived of a better life. They do not have the field to do good deeds. People have

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We will see how we get liberation and Self-realization and is it possible in this life? How it is possible and when it will happen? There is text in Ancient Yogic texts, Puranas which are 8000 years old that “Yat Pinde tat Bahmande” it means “All that outside is within you” Your body is a

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Astrology Predictions on India,US and china

Manifold observations and predictions for India, US, China INDIA In Indian parliamentary elections, Narendra Modi’s coalition will win and Modi will return as prime minister. His financial reforms (like demonetization) were a disaster and caused a huge inconvenience to regular people and he is very vulnerable. But opposition is split and has no charismatic and

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