Who is Sun?

The Sun is the king of the planetary cabinet. He deemed to have a square body,pink eyes with upward look, bit Lazy, brave and very handsome. He is virtuous in temperament, logical and indulgent in behavior. He is forceful with keen mentality. His friends are the Moon, Mars. Jupiter while Venus and Saturn are inimical to him.

Sun represent the soul, He is also represent the power, authorities, spirits, spirituality, energy, strength, prosperity, head of individual including right eye of male and left eye of female, government and all red materials.

He is lean, loves truth, is charitable, righteous, god fearing, loving and helps others. He and his will are both powerful. Sun causes disease in the heart, in the eye, in the arteries, in the lungs and in the vital organs as well as fever, headache. He wanders through forests. He is 50 years old in appearance. He also signifies tigers, deer, forest, heat and goose birds.