Our Purpose of using Astrology Jyotisha

With Vedic Astrology primarily used into the techniques onto the readings of the analysis for our customers, here today, we’d like to educate more on the purpose of using Astrology for.

Vedic Astrology, is one of the greatest gifts, to mankind. Vedic(Jyotish) is part of Veda. We want to provide this clarity in using Jyotisha also known as Vedic Astrology, to grow in reverence towards Self and Self-realization in our life journey.

Definitely, pointing to the right and good astrologer, it can help us in delivering and helping us to achieve the objectives of life. All of our activity as human beings are directed towards attaining at least Dharma(obligations between man/women and society), earning income, physical urges, satiation through legitimate channels and even Moksha(Liberation).

With Jyotisha, it enables us, to move towards these goals in an organized and proper manner.

Now, in our modern world, where emphasis is on earning income, satisfying our physical urges, satiation are at the cost of obligations between man/women and society and Moksha(Liberation), it has been on our mental peace and humaneness.

With such understanding from us, to you of Jyotisha(Vedic Astrology), it will contribute to you with harmony, a more compassionate approach to everyone who reaches to us, and even opening hearts to forgiving others for their lapses.


This is because, it is being the only consequences of our own past deeds (Karma) and therefore, it has to be faced on our own door. This KARMIC responsibility, can act as a deterrent, a discouragement from doing something wrong and be the catalyst towards the right action. This responsibility, this accountability, is very obvious in one’s birth chart to a good Vedic Astrologer.

Astrology cannot be conceived without its spiritual angle. One has to look on the Spiritual Factors on the birth charts, and then pulling all relevant remedies and aid the person.

Right here, at Divination Astrology, it is very possible, with someone who holds strong knowledge and using the right technical skills in Vedic.