How Can Astrology Help Us

According to the ancient seers then, it was told that time possess a rhythm, it is not a uniform line, it is like a river of life. The movement of the planets determines  the nature right to the different phases of our lives. It directs the forces within our lives. Like Moon, orbits around the Earth, it unfolds the month. As The Sun, by the Earth’s orbit, creates the Year.

A certain Karma, the destiny exists to the forces operating during any time period. Therefore, the moment we are born, we can read pattern of our lives. Even for example, like the marriage timing, and showing us how it will develop, are all linked to how the universe speaks to us every moment, by showing us the events of our lives within the Cosmic energies and the pattern we must be. This is like a book of time.

In this modern world, abundance of people in the world, lacking true knowledge were blindly moving without recognizing the cosmic influences, and resulting in negative encourages with the cosmic energies like disease, death, wars, plagues.

Do you know that most of the mentioned above are avoidable if our inner eye is open?

Astrology helps us open this inner eye, the vision, so that we can navigate safely in our book of life.

Not just telling our current lives, it shows our past, our future life.

Now, let me tell you, Astrology should be used as a door towards the cosmic life, a spiritual development, the development of your consciousness.

We should not become attached to the pattern, the destiny that was foretold to you, but to use it as an opening towards the cosmic life in this lifetime as you read this.

We want you to be able to see from your chart, to fore-warn you, and improve them by guiding to the right remedies, the right path, and rejoicing towards the development of your conscious. This will then be our greatest achievement.

Do not see things bleak when you read negative truths from us if we may tell you the honest truth as these are meant for your understanding, to seek the right advices to avoid sufferings in the future, towards the path of goodness.