Is Astrology True?

On our previous blog post, we touched on the importance of a good astrologer and narrowing the purpose of Astrology. But people will ask, Is Astrology Really True?

Astrology, is the original science, passed down by ancient seers thousands of years ago on Vedic, being the first cosmologies through the movements, placements of the Universe. This science, is related to be called the science of Fate, or you may call it the destiny. It is that sacred and precious knowledge from the Sages before. And do you know that the Ancient Seers back then, knew so much more than the astrologers now? It was believe that the knowledge was passed down from above to the Sages, and passed down to what we have it known as the Vedic Astrology. It was the most important of the spiritual Sciences.

Astrology shows us the forces working in any field and the astrological view precedes that of the other sciences. It help us understand on ALL spheres of Life. Even Spiritual countries that hold ancestry antiques, like Egypt, China, India and Mexico were founded on the cornerstone of astrology. The systems were found in the rule of sun and moon kings.

Without Astrology, it means we have no understanding of the significance of the movements of the heavens that relates and influence to our lives. Then, there can never be truth. Without it, we will not have connection with the universe and will not be possible to ward off the negative effects of cosmic forces, or draw in beneficial forces.

In anywhere that Astrology does not flourish, it means the culture must be lacking in higher knowledge and not having any real communication with the universe at all.

It is true, that the modern culture is deficit in true astrological knowledge. We may be proud of modern science on the energy it has provided us through technologies, but, we have not yet come close to the DIVINE Presence in everything. The Sages back then, were much ahead of us in understanding the soul, and that is why, we must return to that same approach if we want to search forward in our purpose of this life.

Today, we even refuse to regard astrology as a science. WHY?

Because people sees the spirit in all these things, but not just on the form itself. Many Physicists have suspect that the Dimension of consciousness is present in the universe. Then, science have to acknowledge and recognize the spirit. If we have no consciousness, how can we really speak of science or truth?

Relating from the Purpose of Divination Astrology, to here, this is our goal, our mission. To convince the truth of Astrology with the importance of good Astrologer, showing the truth from your chart, your face reading, and provide the results from the Divine Cosmic Energy.