Why is Astrology important in our Life?

Human life is a mysterious creation of God. We cannot say where we have come and why we have come and where we will go. that is why, we are mad to know our future events of life. Our sages found that man is mortal and Soul is immortal using their powerful intuitions and foresight. The results of our actions whether it is good or bad, remained stored in an unknown for to come up on us it its time. Vedic knowledge holds that we are subject to re birth time. and again to settle our accounts with destiny born of our past deeds, good deeds done now are to give good dividends while the bad ones to produce malefic results. so this is the theory of Karma.

All the souls have emanated from the great soul. Each soul manifests though a physical body having feelings and emotions etc. The eternal cycle of births and deaths goes on and on unceasingly subjecting the being to compensate whatever he deserves.  we sometimes come across person who is very intelligent, a prodigy, This is due to his acquisition in his past life.

In the deep study of genesis of the earth and the evolution of life. suggests that what is going to happen in the future which is not entirely predetermined. During the course of life the past pre-condition for the process of becoming visible after being concealed into the present and during the present the influence of both the actions and the environment shape as to what is going to be met within the future in this process of preconditioning performance. the role of unseen elements denied. Astrology makes one conscious of this unseen element (Prarabdha karma, Curses etc) and whole doing so suggest possibilities for sound performance of one’s duties and inspires one to be work oriented.

Sun is the ruler of solar system the actual source of all vitality and the great source of energy. The Planets wield power to the extent of bestowing on us the results of our deeds and therefore the planets are the controllers of our karmic results. To know their influence of our lives we make the Birth chart (Horoscope) which shows our past, present and the future. The horoscope is the map of heavens for a particular moment giving the placement of planets of the solar system at various angular distances from each other system at various angular distances from each other which holds the key for assessments of events.

From the Birth to Death all the actions of a man are controlled by the stars otherwise it will not be possible on the part of any body to predict about his future. The coming of misery or of luck can only be seen through the astrological delineations. In Bhagwad Geeta Lord Krishna Said that the results of our deeds come to us according to our karma of past and present life both combined over which we have no control. Ones present learning in this life is already tearned by him in his past lives and so also his present wealth and even his spouse.