Birth Time Rectification

Birth Time Rectification

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A very extensive and time consuming calculation that requires a highly professional astrologer to do the findings backed by explanation.

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Birth Time Rectification


Birth Time Rectification is fundamental for those seeking precision in their birth details. With an accurate birth time, you can explore a vast range of astrology-related inquiries, especially concerning the intricate details of your birth chart.

Our astrologer has a proven track record of accurately calculating and providing essential birth details. In astrology, the accuracy of predictions hinges on precise natal data, particularly the time of birth.

To generate and analyze a natal chart effectively, exact birth timing is crucial. Even a minor discrepancy of five minutes can significantly alter interpretations, especially in the divisional charts, which are crucial for deeper insights and predictions.

An experienced astrologer, armed with an accurate birth time, can decipher a person’s character, inclinations, priorities, and key life events. Conversely, with sufficient personal information, our specialists can determine the birth time that best aligns with available data.

This meticulous process demands the expertise of seasoned professionals. If you are uncertain about whom to consult, our Birth Time Rectification Service offers a reliable solution.

Providing Your Past Life Events

To facilitate accurate Birth Time Rectification, we request details of significant events like marriage date, child birth date, foreing travel, property purchase date and any other important day from your life. Master Yogesh will meticulously analyze your birth chart and divisional charts using these events to pinpoint the most accurate birth time alignment.

Why Choose Our Service?

  • Precision: Obtain a more accurate birth time, enhancing the reliability of astrological readings.
  • Insightful Analysis: Gain deeper insights into your personality, life events, and future trends.
  • Professional Expertise: Our astrologers are skilled in rectifying birth times using traditional and modern methods.
  • Customized Guidance: Receive personalized recommendations and remedies based on your rectified birth chart.

Whether you seek clarity on your astrological profile or need accurate timing for significant life decisions, our Birth Time Rectification Service ensures you have the right foundation for astrological consultations and life planning.


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