About Master Yogesh Patel


Ph.D – Astrology, Astrology School of India, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, India, Graduated 1982

Awards, Titles, and Designations

Best Former Chapter Adviser “Indian Council of Astrological Sciences” 2015

Reiki level 4 & Distance Energy deficiency healing

Blessed by Goddess Saraswathu and acknowledged 18 Maha Purana

Areas of Expertise

My Story

I was originally an Electronics engineer. I had service in Indian Government and later in College as a professor. In the year 1978, I was travelling to Jaipur on my official work and I got introduced to a gentleman who was studying an astrology book. I have high belief in God and Divine energy so I was interested to know about myself and how astrology works. However, due to absence of working tools, he could not study my horoscope but was kind enough to guide me to an astrologer in Jaipur.

On the next Sunday, I went to meet that astrologer at the given address. There was a small house and when I entered, I heard the voice of an old person. He welcomed me. Then that astrologer and I started questioning the elder astrologer about astrology and how it works. Amazingly, this elder astrologer at Jaipur baffled me with his astonishing predictions about my past and details about my family including father, mother, and sister precisely. I was convinced that this Science must be learnt by me to help people all around the world and guide them.

I was mostly interested to go into depth of the occult science and I already studied 18 Purana before I started learning astrology. I bought some books in the same year and started learning by self-study. Even though I was not able to get proper time for learning during my job years, I managed to learn advanced level of astrology Parashari, Jamini, KP, and Nadi Astrology. Then after retirement from my job, I studied medical astrology, Activation of Subconscious mind and Tantra Practice. I learned everything by grace of God.

It took some time for me to grasp the fundamentals of astrology. I got high level of confidence after studying some of the original treatises on traditional astrology. After lots of observations and experiments, I developed skills to predict health issues by face reading and most accurate prediction about life events using various astrology methods.

I learned Parashar, Jamini, KP, Nadi Astrology, western astrology, Horary Astrology, Vedic numerology, Chinese numerology, Chinese bazi, Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. I have also done a lot of practice and learned Eye reading, clairvoyant reading, tantric rites and answers by tantric occult practice, face reading for energy workout, reiki level 4 & distant energy deficiency healing & diet advisory.

In recent years, I have done research on various remedial measures like Colour Therapy, Gem Therapy, Sound Therapy and Mantras, Compendium of Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, Rudraksh, Bath Fast and Charity, Curses of past lives and their propitiation, Lal Kitab and its remedies.


Today, I help anyone with burning questions about life and who are facing problems in their life to make an accurate prediction of their future and use it as a tool to help them create a better future.

I have spent over 26 years creating over 50K+ charts, guiding people from all corners of the world. This intense history of experience has revealed many accurate techniques for the timing and prediction of life events.

Let me help you foresee what your future has in store for you, create a more beautiful future, and enjoy a happier life!

Let me help you foresee what your future has in stall for you

Create a more beautiful future, and enjoy a happier life!