Where are you based?

Our Spiritual Master, Master Yogesh is based in the sacred place called Gujarat, which is the West of India. 

There is no need for you to travel there because he doesn't do Astrology by Face-to-Face as well. If he does, he probably wouldnt have the time to do this online at all with his Quality & Skills.

He wants to help more people around the world and people who appreciates and recognizes his intention to help many of them to transform and improve their struggling issues and life. 

That's why, we are here, to make it happen, probably the first and only Spiritual Master + Astrologer whom will be available online, providing you his hand-typed QUALITY analysis on the answers that you are seeking for. 

You are probably very fortunate to stumble across this site, because this is somewhere you will never find else where, 


  • Ease & Convenience (to place your order online right at where you are!)
  • With the Proof of your Report, without having to speak to Astrologer in your local town and forgot what was predicted and said to you.
  • With the Quality & Skills, you will find no where else how accurate it could be
  • Providing you online Chat within our Platform to your PRIVACY. 
  • We value all privacy & datas are erased once order has been delivered.
  • Our Prices are affordable. No unaffordable prices where you find renowned Astrologer who charges hefty amount from $250 to even $3k!
  • Always there for ALL your pending problems in your life.
How do I get my Astrology report at all?

You will receive your answers, your predictions right to your Mobile, your Account Page ORDERS right on our Site (Divination Astrology). 

It is very very convenient. We are also available for chat for support if you are met with any issues getting your report upon verification.

You are probably very fortunate to stumble across this site, because this is somewhere you will never find else where, 


  • Ease & Convenience (to place your order online right at where you are!)
  • With the Proof of your Report, without having to speak to Astrologer in your local town and forgot what was predicted and said to you.
  • With the Quality & Skills, you will find no where else how accurate it could be
  • Providing you online Chat within our Platform to your PRIVACY. 
  • We value all privacy & datas are erased once order has been delivered.
  • Our Prices are affordable. No unaffordable prices where you find renowned Astrologer who charges hefty amount from $288 to $1288. 
  • Always there for ALL your standing Solutions.
Do I have to Make An Appointment?

Hmm, No Appointment is needed at all! 

Because right here, at Divination Astrology, you get to place your Astrology Predictions, or Spell Wishes service products right on our site!

Just Select your Order, and click Continue and checkout!

Fill in the Form and your order will be processed once all datas submitted to us are 'verified' as complete! 

Really, it's as EASY as it seems. You just wait to receive your order upon delivery due!*

No need to book appointment to get your Astrology Predictions at all like how your local Astrologer is. 

But take note, our delivery date will definitely be increasing soon. No kidding, we are foreseeing many orders coming, and your delivery may have to be increase in the very very near future.


What is the difference between Horary Predictions vs Astrology Predictions?

That’s a very good question!

Astrology Prediction is analysed from your Birth Chart from your birth details. So when Questions are asked, they can be predicted on the events very accurately.

You can ask, and be forearmed about the near future, or even further milestone period on the events to unfold for you, and to take action in advance by reducing any malefic effects by using any remedy we may provide you. (You can ask for it in the question!)

Questions like: Do you see me having a son or daughter? When? Should I work in the Engineering Field? Towards which Engineering line?


Horary Predictions:

Things like current events, very minor events that happened now, today, to you. And you are unsure what is the outcome, or unsure what are the signs telling you. Horary Predictions will be the best choice.

What we do here uniquely is, we will also ask your birth details, to back up the chart of Horary Predictions(your time of question asked), with your Birth Details so that we can further affirm that your question is right.


Things like, what is he thinking right now? Or, something happened to me today, will I be okay?

Am I making the right decision?


IF after all you are still very confused, we are still available here. Click that Facebook Icon and leave a message, or if we are online, click that Green Icon. We will reply you almost instantly.

Must I register my Account first?

You can have the option to register your account first OR your account will be created upon your very FIRST Order with us!

Do you know that we allow you to register via your Facebook, Instagram, Google account?

Do you know as well that we also allow you to just register your MOBILE Number and use your mobile number to log in as your username instead?

Whichever it is, it will be at your convenience. All with the security and OTP(mobile) needed!

Do not worry. 🙂

Just in case you are unsure of your username, just give us a message in our Facebook! Or the Contacts page!

Sample Questions [Astrology Predictions]


 - Will I have Enjoyable and Comfortable Life ever if so when?

-Why do I suddenly feel like shit all the time? Things were great a year ago.

-Why I am suffering and when my sufferance time will end?

-What about my personality and My Thinking?

-What kinds of adventures would invigorate and inspire me?

- What are my Health Prospects?

-Why I am facing such a bad period of life? Is there any bad karma I did in past live which is the results of this bad period?

- My Relative is missing. Is He/she all right? When will He/she return?

- Who murdered the victim; what can you tell me about the murderer?

- Should I file a legal suit against a Person/Company?

- Should I hire particular person as my lawyer?

- Will I win the election?

- Will I get admission in Particular College?

- Will I be able to crack the competitive exams?



  •  Will I be wealthy?
  • When will I have golden time period of my life?
  • When will all my financial troubles get over?
  • When will I buy my own house?
  • When I will change my house?
  • When I will get the land deal or real estate deal done?
  • When will I be able to sell my house and will I get the desired amount?
  • Will this house/property fructify for me? What changes should I do to attract prosperity in house?
  • Will I get the Loan?
  • When you see me repaying my loan?
  • Will I ever get prosperity and comfortable Living in Life if so when?
  • Will I get inherited property or inheritance from parents?
  • Will I get money from ongoing deal?
  • Is my business in particular business is good and what could be outcome of it?



  •  What should I do Job or Business?
  • What are the most favourable fields of career for me? Or what is the kind of business best suited for me? Should I do Business in Partnership or will partnership in business favourable for me?
  • Do you see me getting success in my current Business field? How will it work?
  • When will I get the Job?
  • When Will I get the good opportunities for Job?
  • When will have Job change?
  • Should I change the Job or In which Job will I have good Growth A or B company
  • When will I get the Promotion? Will I have Increase of Income?
  • What are my professional prospects?
  • Will I be entering into business, if so, when is a good time?
  • -What would it take for me to become famous? Would I even like fame if it happened?
  • Do you see me working as Social Activist or as Politician?
  • How will be next year for my business?
  • I am in middle of one deal. Do you see me getting this deal done and Get Contract?
  • How is the person with whom I am dealing?
  • What are thinking of business partner or Client? Should I trust on him?
  • I feel Stuck in my Career when you see me getting the Right career path?
  • How will be relations with colleagues and bosses?
  • What are my hidden talents or skills which can give me success in life and career?



  • When will I get married?
  • Will I have arrange marriage or love marriage?
  • Will I Marry foreigner or a native?
  • What are characteristics of my husband/wife?
  • Is Person “A” my soulmate or not?
  • What will be financial condition of my spouse?
  • Will my husband will be wealthy?
  • What will be education or career field of my spouse?
  • What will be first letter of my spouse?
  • What will be character and appearance of my spouse?



  • Will I have good relations with my family members?
  • Will I have good relations with my Siblings? What things I can do to improve my relations with them?
  • What will be status of my in-laws? How will be my relations with my in-laws?
  • Will my siblings or family member will help me in adverse situation in life?
  • When will I have child?
  • What is the sex of my unborn child?
  • How many child will I have in life?
  • Will I have healthy child?
  • How will be relations of my child with me and my spouse?
  • What will be longevity of my family member?



  • Will I go to foreign if so when?
  • Will I be able to have foreign trips or world tour ever in my life?
  • When will I go to particular country?
  • Which Country is best my growth?
  • Where will I be successful in life in homeland or foreign?
  • When will I get green card?
  • When will I get my Visa?
  • Will my Visa application will be approved or rejected?

There are endless questions you could ask, so feel free to just ask! 🙂 The more specific, and more information provided, the clarity of the analysis will be!

Please know that if we do not have any Birth time from you, we will use Horary Astrology, which by far has been attained at about above 95% accuracy base on our Jyotish Guru. If you'd like to find out your birth time, we can do Birth time rectification too right here! 

What is Astrology?

Vedic Astrology also known as the Eastern astrology has been around for more than 5000 years to 12,000 years and it is known as the sacred science. Others may say that there were other sacred beings from not-from-Earth came over and taught the sages about the science of planets, and the method in predicting and given the knowledge of future happenings in our lives through the action->results=KARMA of every soul(beings). Primarily, Astrology is used to understand ourselves, and our karma in this life.


Those sacred beings were like what we call 'Those who came from Heaven'. Many stories, legends are discussed on the true origins on how Vedic Astrology was founded. Back then, the sages knew only planets were formed and visible from sky, and they know that planets impact our lives. The importance is given to its placement of each Planet when we were born, were all predestined cosmic design. (i am not going much more in depth otherwise it will take alot of your time)

Speaking about just Vedic Astrology alone, they have 6 main branches, namely the

Prashara Hora Shastra, Jaimini Sutra, KP Astrology, Nadi Astrology, Lal Kitab, Bhrigu Nadi Jyotish                                                  

I am not going to compare much about other Astrology methods like the Western Astrology, the Chinese Ba Zi, Zi Wei Dou Shu. But let me emphasize how historical records have been brought down till today is much larger than other types of Astrology.  You can search them on your own if you are interested, you'll see. 🙂

Considering myself, being a person who had tested over different Astrologers using all the methods, Master Yogesh, formerly known as kpastrologer in Fiverr, is the last one and the only one I look to and assured by.

We may let you know more when we open a Blog about how powerful Vedic Astrology can be, and why can it foresee & foretell the DNA of our life, and why mantras(prayers) chanting changes people and takes us all to a much higher level of consciousness with the increased Wisdom. 

You may come across many Vedic Astrologers, and let me be honest with you and to  better educate you with the right knowledge, 

there are strict rules if one wants to provide consultation professionally, which is to stay away from non-vegan, smoking, drinking and any forms of 'abuse'. Additionally, the astrologer would meditate every morning as in 'sadhna' to increase his/her intuition. 

That is what we call, a true astrologer, a real astrology.

And I am proud to say, you have the Karma, to meet this Master here,with all the given qualities, right here. 


In addition to that, I am assured that you will be able to feel the warmth of Master Yogesh's written report, and if you eventually get to speak to him 'via' chat. You will be thankful of what past deeds you may have done to come across someone who really feels for every soul, to pray for relief and healing, to make your life better. There's so much more to it but to embrace forward, doing more good deeds to help more souls around us.

I sincerely wish everyone, will seek the right path, eventually finding their spiritual self and to attain further and help more around you.

Hare Krishna.

🙂 Signing off,

the Guardian of DA, Zaen.



***Please forgive my writing of this explanation. It is in my own simplest form to make it much easier to understand for all of you. I humbly apologize if any of the text may have any 'slight incorrect'.

So what can I know about myself from Vedic Astrology?

With the Correct birth time, birth date, birth place, you should never go wrong about your birth chart.

Even if you do not have the accurate birth time, it is very possible here with us, our Astrologer can see from your face, we can even do a Birth Time Rectification to get your time very accurately. 

Like I mentioned under 'What is Astrology?', everyone is born with different placements of planets with the different zodiac signs at a different time, and this depicts our Karma in this life. 

You get to know so much about yourself, your child, your love ones and anyone you like to know given with the above conditions, from getting to know your health precaution, timelines you ought to be wary of, times you should not travel to prevent downfall, marital life experience, your personality. In fact the root of you that you may never even know yourself!

Get ready to be blown away after engaging with Master Yogesh, and we hope you will come to know what is your purpose of this life. 

Our purpose is to let most of you know why, the purpose of Karma is real because it is all shown in your chart, the ability to be foretold of your future, and to forearm what is to overcome.

Accompanied with Remedies, Divination Prayers, during the journey with us, if you ever get to know more about Spirituality soul learning purpose, we have succeed!

What happens if I do not even know my actual Birth Time?

Master Yogesh can still do it with various methods ACCURATELY!


  • Engaging with 'Birth Time Rectification' consultation services and list down your milestones, he will dissect the 24 hours of A BIRTH DAY with your listed MILESTONES that happened in your life before. He will match every 5-10 minutes of that 24 hours(imagine 5 minutes of 24 hours , that is 288 times of research! and worth so much of his time)
  • Another method is, engaging the Horary Prediction consultation services, and upload your latest 'Selfie' taken right away from ordering to answer your question that you would like to know.

Guess what? I previously took the 'birth time rectification', and i did it for my family without telling him I got the Birth Certificate yet, but i told him the possible time should be 1pm - 2pm, or 2:30-3:30pm but unsure the accuracy of time. (you know in vedic astrology, every 5-10 minutes the chart changes, you will get very different results)

He came back and gave me the time was 1:02pm. The birth cert of my family member was 1pm! We were all CAUGHT BY SURPRISE, how much work has he done and to even come out with such time, to even explain them how he arrived to that timing!

Tell me now,  who is more accurate? The nurse who took the timing when baby was out? Or our Master Yogesh Patel, the kpastrologer Guruji. ^_^